Mildura Wentworth Supercell Hailstorms 29th August 2022

2022-09-02 22:40:36

A short video summarising the chase from the 29th August 2022. As Brad Hannon suggests. It's still August! I don't think I recall myself intercepting an August supercell. Enjoy in fullscreen and volume turned up. Hail was not measured but likely up to gold balls on our intercept - sometimes you have to choose one or the other. Had we intercepted the hail it would have been chase over getting an other cells given the cell movement. The hail was simply a few minutes down the road from the location shown on the Timelapse.

Thanks to Brendon Simmons for accompanying me on the chase - had some laughs.

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Mildura Wentworth Supercell Hailstorms 29th August 2022


One thought on “Mildura Wentworth Supercell Hailstorms 29th August 2022”
  1. Not bad for winter! I’ve known Melbourne to get some impressive storms in August when I was living there, like back in August 2000 when there was a tornado around the Sunbury area, lightning was quite active in Melbourne that night, not bad for winter!

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