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Hi Jimmy,  I chased with Jason on the same day as you and it ended up quite a long afternoon/evening as storms persisted until midnight. The target was the Clarence Valley but a storm still managed to get going in the usual area SW of Casino. This storm produced microbursts a couple of times during separate pulses. I guess there may have been some locally severe weather under the intense part of the cells however no warnings were issued. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent N and NE of Grafton where numerous high based cells with microbursts were observed. It was a great day out with good conversation - certainly needed after 2 weeks of no storms. A couple of stronger cells on the MNC resulted in the BoM issuing severe thunderstorm warnings however they were only current between 6pm and 745pm.  Jason and I were located at Lawrence beside the Clarence River for most of the better shots of the night. Michael

By Michael Bath

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