The largest hailstone ever recorded officially in Australia stands at 14cm.…

The hailstone in Queensland definitely match this description but the measured hail of 13cm doesn’t show in the picture. Claims of 15cm hailstone are not verified with measurements. Without pictures, will the Bureau accept the measurement? Discussion please - this following footage was from the record hailstorm that had the record hailstorm.


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8 thought on “Incredible footage massive hailstones Australia hailstone during record breaking hailstorm”
  1. Yep needs to be verified otherwise no record. It’s as simple as that. Impressive hail event though ! Any hail that gets close to record territory is incredible.

  2. Ive seen 11.5cm from this storm.. if there was 15cm I’m sure we’d have seen it… how do the reports even suggest 15cm without some kind of measurement on comparison to it?.

    Anyways, the storm will go down in the BoM books with commentary along the lines of “11.5cm officially recorded with reports of larger”….

  3. Did anyone sign off on the “Supercell certification” for this storm by the way or is just hearsay and video clips from Youtube with the meta data manipulated? ;P

  4. I find it hard to believe no one has any in the freezer still if there existed larger stones, the social media fame would be to much to resist.

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