As the title says, I am astounded that we have lost whole towns and literally hundreds of homes in this disaster! I am shell shocked - and there seems to be more bad news on the way. I have heard information that suggests the toll could top 300 with another town just being discovered. At this time, the toll stands at 181 dead and many injured. A scene of chaos people attempting to escape the inferno. I have never seen a pyrocumulonimbus as massive as this one above the fire plumes on this devastating day.

Amongst all of this confusion, there are floods and disaster in far north Queensland in Ingham who is expecting a third flood peak, and then I got the hailstorm yesterday thanks to you and your quick thinking! I tell you I had to turn around very quickly to do this and that is what allowed me to get the hailstorm. Here is a couple of images of the hailstones:


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