Since your past post, there has been more flooding. The events you refer to were extraordinary and follow flooding in February. Now another flood event! And in all this Victoria continues deep into drought. I guess such contrasts are not uncommon in Australia but this drought in Victoria has been long lived with few short breaks.

The work you did on the tropical cyclone maps and since then the tropical cyclones main web page has added fresh looks and ideas on there well worth investigating. Well done on all you have done and I understand the immense amount work that goes into such projects.

Finally, I guess we are looking at the last month for Imelda's pregancy and weekly visits to the hospital for the usual check ups. The scans at least show nothing abnormal and the weights are to be expected. Life will change with that birth and the added responsibility that comes with it!

Haven't much chasing lately. The last chase was when I got this lightning shot across the road:




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