Following a warm August day across much of Sydney where maximum daily temperatures peaked at between 24C and 26C including 25C around Blacktown, an evening thunderstorm passed over parts of Western Sydney.

This storm was unusual as it occurred during August and at around 9 pm (At least over the Blacktown region), well after sunset. Thunderstorms are relatively rare for the month of August but can occur.

This storm was lightning active and numerous flashes and bolts were observed. Rainfall was not heavy (Around 1 mm for the Blacktown area) as the storm was fast moving.

This is sign of a transition in the seasons from winter towards spring.

First storm of the 2023/2024 storm season - Western Sydney.
Image of a lightning flash over Doonside taken at 9 pm Tuesday 22 August 2023 - First storm of the new season.

The photos attached to this post were taken from my video using my small Canon Handycam camera. I successfully managed to catch 2 flashes from this event.