Extreme Heat 23rd November 2014 3Extreme heat 23rd November 2014 Temperatures possibly reaching 43C in parts of Sydney.


Update: 45.3C Richmond smashes the previous record of 1982 42C - Time will tell whether such heat can be matched or bettered in the middle of summer given we still are officially in late spring!


After temperatures soared to 40C today in western Sydney, models seem to be pointing to a brief respite before extreme heat returns Sunday including Sydney. A southerly change moved through Sydney this evening cooling temperatures. On Sunday, temperatures are once again expecting to top 40C across western Sydney and the Hunter Valley region! Thunderstorms may develop across the region but these are expected to be very high based and more of a Lightning" href="http://www.extremestorms.com.au/weather-glossary/lightning/" data-tooltip="Any form of visible electrical discharges produced by thunderstorms.">lightning producers. Such conditions may be ideal for the spakring up of fires due to the relatively low rainfall from these Storm" href="http://www.extremestorms.com.au/weather-glossary/storm/" data-tooltip="In marine usage, winds 48 knots (55 mph) or greater. Storm is also used as a shortened term for thunderstorm which represents clouds that produce lightning, thunder and precipitation.">storm cells!



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  1. There is an incredible temperature variation across Sydney. Preliminary maximum temperature readings for the day suggest the following:-

    1 – Sydney Harbour – The recording station is off Bradleys Head – Maximum of 25.6C. The sea breeze has kept a lid on temperatures around parts of Sydney Harbour close to the coast.

    2 – Sydney Airport – 33C.
    3 – Sydney Olympic Park 36.6C.

    It is only when one goes west of Parramatta where the heat really hit as follows:-

    1 – Campbelltown – 40.3C.
    2 – Camden – 40.7C.
    3 – Badgereys Creek – 41.6C.
    4 – Penrith – 44.9C.
    5 – Richmond – 45.3C.

    The intense within the Sydney basin is limited to the western Suburbs.

    Areas around Cessnock (Hunter Valley) has reached up to 42C to 43C.

    More importantly, this has come on a day two days after Friday (21/11/2014) where high temperatures occurred (Such as 39C at Blacktown). As a matter of fact, this is the 3rd time this month where such high temperatures have occurred in Western Sydney where 40C temperatures have occurred (Being 40C at Blacktown and up to 41C at Penrith on the 14/11/2014).

    As I write this, a southerly wind change has occurred and a tiny thunderstorm cell has passed over Blacktown with no rain but 4 thunderclaps heard (The base in very high).

    Just before that change at 4 pm, I noted how the temperature was 28.3C at Sydney Observatory Hill while it was 45.3C at Richmond which gave a temperature variation of 15C from Sydney Observatory Hill NW to Richmond.

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