After some frost eariler in the week, it seems the rain pattern has set back in along the coastal region. Quite cool too. The frost was a little more severe than what you would expect for early June. Great snowfalls thus far in NSW and Victoria.

Meanwhile, the season in tornado alley has really begun to fire from a hailstone perspective with some giant hailstones being reported particularly in some serious supercells in Colorado. The high county in that region really produces some nice supercells and is renound for some serious hailstorms particularly during the latter part of the tornado season. Colorado has also reported some decent tornadoes as well.

Nevertheless, the season has been particularly bad with much less tornadoes reported compared to what is anticipated at this time of the year - apparently the worst since 1996.

Europe has had an incredible number of storms and tornadoes reported from France Germany, Hungary and even Russia! The footage from Hungary trashing the roof is some fo the best I have ever seen on video!


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