See : 128km Radar Loop for Alice Springs, 05:00 06/11/2012 to 10:00 06/11/2012 UTC

Thanks Michael for pointing it out as I forgot to check myself. The storm on the Alice Springs radar was nicely moving ahead of the advancing bow echo segment. I had suggested in a sort of forecast that a boundary was going to set up in the region and this is what this storm was attempting to do - follow an east west oriented boundary. Nice to see the cell trying veer slightly left of the mean flow. Not sure whether the storms were surface based - Michael may wish to show a sounding of this event from Alice Springs. However, models were indicating NE winds feeding the storms and meeting southerly oriented flow along a boundary near Alice Springs.

2 thought on “Alice Springs hit by severe storms 6th November 2012”
  1. I see that the storms are putting another incredible display around the southern Northern Territory stretching north west. Looks to be a developing MCS (mesoscale convective system). A lot of energy pushing through to an expanding anvil shield! It covers a fair sized region as observed on the satellite image here:

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