Okay , after a lot of troubles i've finally uploaded some video from the inland NSW supercell event which occured on the 30th November.

The first storm, is the dryline supercell which tracked from Mudgee to east of Sofala. The later storms occured just west of Parkes/ Forbes, producing large hail. The lightning flashes revealed nice structure!!!

3 thought on “30th November Inland NSW supercells- Footage”
  1. Thanks for posting the video Michael. Certainly nice structure there and LP in nature! Your documentation of lightning always summarises well the behaviour of the lightning of each event.


    Jimmy Deguara

  2. Thankyou for the comments Jimmy and Jeff!!!

    Jeff in the other thread you asked me about the Braidwood road.

    The road from Nowra to Nerriga is an excellent stretch of road but with sparse views. At Nerriga, the views open up for 5kms,but  then the forest closes in again.Between Braidwood and Nerriga theres very few road options and virtually no views , not to mention a 25km stretch of dirty road. When you get close to Braidwood this is where the chase country becomes really good again!!!

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