Yes the photographs were impressive for the flood event so the video would have been impressive as well - animals running around in the water - it would have certainly brought out the seriousness and scale of such a disaster.

We have finally begun with some rain including a couple of severe storm events and both namely in western Sydney! I chased both events and they were quite severe with winds as well hail in the 1.5 to 3cm diameter range. I got some pretty impressive footage of a microburst hitting whilst trying to cross a round-about near Richmond Road Doonside. Also the leaves being stripped off the tree made the scene interesting. Both events also dumped very heavy rainfall and caused flashflooding. Unfortunately, the second event hit regions still with tarpaulines from the hailstorm in early December. This would have caused leaks inside homes as the tarps were lifted from the roofs. I filmed one tarp flapping around loosely in strong winds at Rooty Hill. One particular items that came to mind was the sudden entry into a hail core - I mean literally from nothing to hail falling profusely within 10-20 metres. Although I know hail cores fairly localised, but I rarely see it this localised.


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