Hi Jimmy,

We are now on day 20 of consecutive rain days - of course many of those have not had much but still quite an impressive run. I'm not sure I've come close to that many in a row before. It has totalled about 440mm with the major flooding in that lot.  I attended an ASWA meeting in Brisbane on Saturday - the first one since mid September. The main topics to start with were of course the floods so I showed my footage. They were amazed when the video suddenly became pictures of helicopters then INSIDE a chopper then the dramatic events around the Coraki area last Monday. I had kept it fairly quiet that I had had that opportunity with the SES.

Was nice to see some storms in the Sydney area yesterday afternoon. Certainly no chance here with the current pattern. Heavy showers likely for Tuesday then showers about the rest of the week with humid onshore conditions.

By Michael Bath

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