Sounds like some decent rain and action in your part of the world. Let's hope that this rain was well received across many of the drought affected areas.

In our case, besides the Florida region still being in drought and experiencing raging bushfires, most regions across the plains have received decent rains as well as snow.

The storms continue here though there has not been the typical setups May usually produces. So tornadoes are now hard to come by. Teaming up with Andrew and Chris, We have targetted and chased regions with potential for tornadoes. Unfortunately they either have not produced or there has been a limited period of opportunity. Yesterday was one of them - we got to within 25 miles of a tornado report and watched the base as it approached - obviously already occluded. Some nice mammatus. The previous day we chased the Montana region and again we almost had a situation where storms that could have produced tornadoes developed extremely rapidly. Cold air undercut any developing mesocyclone.

Today we are in position to play anywhere from western Nebraska to northeast Colorado - even South Dakota is need be.


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