Update This article is from 1984 thanks for the corrections guys

Chaser killed. Interestingly it highlights the dangers of storm chasing - lightning, high winds, etc but the cause if this accident was “he swerved to avoid a ribbit” and then tolled the vehicle after hitting a ditch. This is not meant to be humorous please but please even if not chasing it is important to keep safety of the occupants at the highest priority. A rabbit is no match for a car and the best form of initial defence I use is to beep the horn and hold it down to keep beeping. The animal has a better chance of hearing your location and moving out of the way. As to the rabbit, as sad it may seem you do not deviate in a life threatening way around an animal that will have little impact on your vehicle.

Student Fatally Injured Chasing Deadly Storms

JAN 11, 2020 - Storm chasing cost the life of a University of Oklahoma meteorology student last week as he pursued the storm that leveled two northeastern Oklahoma towns."Many students do it as a hobby," said a professor with the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman.But it was a deadly avocat...


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