Jimmy Deguara is a mathematics teacher. His interest in weather goes back for as long as he remembers. It was the influence of floods and runoff associated with heavy rain which first intrigued him, and the challenge in forecasting led to his interest in thunderstorms, particularly heavy rain and hail. During 1989, a talk by Chuck Doswell on tornadoes enhanced Jimmy's dream of chasing after a tornado.

Beaver Tail Coffs Harbour Jimmy Deguara
Beaver Tail Coffs Harbour Jimmy Deguara

There have been a few tornadic encounters in Australia including a storm that has to be one of the favourites with an at Coffs Harbour. But it was the US trip and associated tornadoes that became the highlight of his career and dream come true! US chasing will now be an important part of his chasing calendar. And just to add to the excitement, Jimmy intercepted at close range a strong Australian tornado in northeastern NSW at the township of Dunoon. Check out the

Incredible Up-close Tornado Explodes Electricity Substation with Debris - Full Version - The funniest bloopers are right here

Jimmy has frequented the media. Stories usually relate to severe weather events or interest in storm chasing. He is committed to public awareness and safety issues related to severe storms.

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