INSANE video from Oklahoma.. .  Another Tornado Outbreak Today

Massive multi-vortex wedge from southern Oklahoma - April 14, 2011

At least 10 tornadoes were reported yesterday across Kansas and Oklahoma, including one particularly strong wedge tornado from a supercell that moved through Atoka County in extreme southern Oklahoma just north of the Red River.  Sadly, at least two fatalities resulted from this violent tornado from the communities of Atoka and Tushka, OK, which sustained the worst damage.  Several storm chasers were some of the first on the scene of the damage, and helped out substantially with the recovery effort.  Here is video of that tornado from Gabe Garfield and Marc Austin:

On the flip-side, we were chasing a supercell further north in Central Oklahoma, where the deeper moisture did not materialize, and witnessed thiis much weaker and harmless rope tornado just northeast of Chandler, OK.

Today in the Lower Mississippi River Valley, I would not be surprised to see 5 times the number of yesterday's tornadoes, especially across central and southern MS into AL where the strongest low-level wind shear and instability will coincide.  Forecast hodographs look extremely favorable for strong tornadoes ahead of the advancing front, with over 30 knots of 0-1 km wind shear creating insane helicity values.  The SPC currently has a moderate risk out for the aforementioned area, but an upgrade to high risk in the next outlook would not be out of the question, especially given the recent RUC model forecasts.  TVN is just now completing the all-night drive from Oklahoma to central/southern MS, and will be streaming live video of this chase at, and Tweeting throughout the chase (@reedtimmertvn).  Stay tuned for updates.

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