Hi Paul and all,

Yesterday (Monday 21st) was quite an active thunderstorm day - considering how INACTIVE the whole season has been.

A few storms developed on the Northern Tablelands later Sunday after that horribly hot day, with activity persisting and spreading into the border ranges during the night and persisting about NE NSW during the am hours.

Some high based cells spread through the Lismore-Casino region late morning 21st. Pretty featureless but some spectacular staccato bolts. This activity seemed to coincide with the first shallow S-SW 'change'. A slightly stronger S-SE wind developed by early afternoon. This brought the usual stratocumulus here but helped get things going across SEQ where the environment was primed. The more substantial S-SE change with gusty winds did not arrive until sunset, but was also accompanied by more storms in NE-NSW. Some features and lightning were visible but not the best. Bit of a strange change really.

The rainfall totals across the greater Brisbane area from the storms were impressive.

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