Your perseverance paid off Kane - nice capture of the storm. Been ages since I've seen some spectacular lightning. There were a few powerful CGs just ahead of and in the storm here yesterday but it was not a situation where capturing any was likely.

Here is the radar loop for 28 Sep showing the strong cells which passed through Evans Head then later the Casino, Lismore, McLeans Ridges, Ballina one.  Also later the storm off Coffs - what time was your photo Kane?

128km Radar Loop for Grafton, 00:00 28/09/2010 to 13:00 28/09/2010 UTC

The Brisbane and Moree soundings are attached for reference too. The moisture shown on the Bris sounding was quite impressive for this time of year.

PS - Karina and all - there is a bug in the attach function, just add one at a time and edit though it doesn't affect all browsers.

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