An early start to the storm season.

Forecast was for an inland shower but it produced a little more with a strong sea breeze which initiated convection big time.  Temps and DP's were rising and areas such as Acacia and Darwin River Dam about an hours drive from Darwin received some big cells.  One particular cell went beserk once the cap broke at around 4:30pm  It rose to a massive 55,000ft and anviled twice.  We have just received our first steady shower in over 5 months - much to my delight.  Around 4 strikes only recorded on GPAts lightning tracker.  A lot of the convection was reforming on the far north coast as I type.  The CAP was at around 25 during the arvo and LI's at a miserable -1 but soon managed a -2 and 1700 CAPE value and reduced the cap to 17 by the time the moisture fed the shower borne cells moving in.  Steady rain fell for around two hours - which was not unexpected given their slow movement.

Photos are...initial cell NW of Darwin which broke through the cap - a weak tower which broke free and still anviled out - most odd!

My bet is for storms end of September - it just looks very promising.


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