Sorry to say that Renate returned back to Germany after the wet season (last) and won't be returning unless she gathers some bucks to fly back.  A pity because she loves Darwin and enjoyed the chases.  She's busy still with her thesis which is keeping her tied up, but i think she still is a member here so I expect her to be posting now and then drooling.

Somebody snapped an image of a double strike at 7pm from Mindil Beach overlooking Beswick (which is about 70 km across the harbour for those wondering!)  I saw it from home as I was balcony chasing for this erratic set up anyway.  Darwin received 11mm for the period till 9am today (8Sept) but areas inland received a fair bit more over the 24 hour period - that's where the convection started.

Much the same set up as yesterday but a little more dry air in the mids and shear is not as good as yesterday and is all over the place.  We'll have to see if the sea breeze has the same oomph but if it's too far inland it will shallow out the convection and keep it well outside Darwin.  Still hot and humid and the numbers on the sounding when replotting were 'okay', much the same as yesterday around this time @ 2:30pm, it was not until 5'ish that the convection ramped up significantly - so time will tell.

It's not a bad start for September and 11mm is pretty good for the Airport gauge.

post-storm beer always a welcome thing - if we can ever get our timing right pal!


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