The eastern and western Pacific Ocean remains active in terms of storm development. With the demise of Hurricane Jimena north of Hawaii and Hurricane Ignacio, a new storm or Hurricane has formed off the west coast of Mexico which has been named Hurricane Linda.

There are others storms in progress as described below.

Hurricane Linda

Hurricane Linda is unlikely to make landfall but is currently passing off the coast of Mexico and Baja California. The storm is tracking north west and similar to recent storms, should not make landfall. Hurricane Linda has reached a Category 2 storm on the Saffir Simpson Scale sustaining winds of 90 to 95 knots (Approximately 167 to 176 km/h). The storm is expected to end its life over colder waters as it tracks further north west.

The forecast model of the storm dated 8/9/15 is acquired from CIMSS.

Typhoon Kilo

This is a long lived storm but now starting to weaken. As at Wednesday 9 September the now Category One storm is located at Latitude 29.7 degrees north and 153.5 degrees east. Winds are dropping to 65 knots (Approximately 120 km/h) at the centre as the storm encounters cooler waters. The storm has approached Japan but now expected to decay over open ocean. Despite the distance traveled and longevity, the storm never impacted a population centre.

The reason why the typhoon is maintaining some strength this far north of the tropics is related to the sea surface temperatures being at 28C to 29C. Further north, ocean waters drop sharply and as such the storm will not last much longer.

The forecast model of the storm dated 8/9/15 is acquired from CIMSS. The Worldview Satellite picture of the typhoon with overlays is acquired from NASA and dated 8/9/2015.

Tropical Storm Etau

The storm only ever reached tropical storm status. The storm formed south of Honshu Island (Japan) and tracked north to pass over Honshu Island as a rain depression. Peak wind gusts reached 45 knots (Approximately 83 km/h) at the centre. The storm quickly broke apart as it encountered the mountainous terrain of Japan.

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