Storm Chase 16th March 2011

Made a day of what was lets say an interesting situation according to the models. Fortunately, storms did develop by mid-afternoon and we ( Imelda, Jimelle and I) made our way to Dungog. the first cell was definitely multicellular at first and then as the storm passed over Dungog, my eyes almost popped out of my head! The storm had consoldated into an organised storm most likely supercellular from this point on. We made our way out toward Gloucester - most would know this takes some time due to the windy roads! South of Gloucester and we could see the core with lightning hammering down from the anvil as well as the core.

On the north side, we were greeted with reasonable structure although the green tinge was sure a reminder of immenent hail. Light NE winds were soon replaced by outflow. We headed north and intercepted hail just east of Gloucester. The larger hail had crossed the hail south of Gloucester - measured to 5cm! Some solid balls amongst them.

We did attempt to make our way down to Singleton cell but the cell weakened as anticipated before we could get to it.

Pictuures later.


Jimmy Deguara

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