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This website aims to promote storm and significant weather discussion across Australia and worldwide.

Start posting your storm events from the home page, pictures or reply to others' comments and images. You can even post with your Facebook account! Enjoy the website - there is more to see on this website than meets the eye including pictures and videos streamlined for your pleasure!

A glossary has been introduced that interacts with the content providing new comers and those a little unsure about the terminology or jargon up to speed and less confused.

You can search using the Google Custom Search which searches only this website for articles and pictures.  You may wish to browse the carefully designed Storm Article Archives. Mapped Articles are also provided to give some perspective of where storm events have occurred.

Some people spend time browsing through pictures and videos from over the years just for pleasure. The menus above show wide variety of categorical links to images - check them out! For instance,

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