Up close tornado video from Dunoon

Incredible Up close tornado footage of the Dunoon Tornado - northeastern NSW

Michael, It has been a long time on here between drinks:) Well, let's see. I have been to the Philippines, back, up the coast with your family as well as work commitments, got engaged and then lucky enough to top that week off with a tornado! Holy crap! I decided to propose to Imelda given the distance we were having to deal with, the uncertainty in what we were having to deal with and quite simply, we want to be with one another sooner than later. Imelda accepted with full emotions. And then the emotions poored out once again when the flower arrived - she simply was nto expecting them! And of course I had to be there basically the whole day chatting with her - and she did not know what was to come. Both Imeld, Kim and I are happy about the prospect fo a future together. I guess once things come into being, it will all settle down. I guess it is part of a honey moon period of happiness one would wish never ends. Then of course the tornado took everyone by surprise including myself. who would have thought that you would wake up in the morning of the 26th October 2007, chase storms and by the end of the day bag a tornado. Goodness - the thought of it still scares me. I cannot believe and seriously could not really tell at the time that I was too damn close. Debris falling were trees and parts of sheeting iron. I nightmare situation I guess. But as I always say, you live to tell the tale. For those who have not bumped into the Dunoon tornado, check here: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=1SD_OzpQaU8#cToLf0Rfoag  Michael, can you post your favourite damage pictures from the event. Quite scary and lucky people were not killed in the event! Regards, Jimmy Deguara

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