Hi Michael - finally back online. Had some impressive action I must say. This included experiencing first hand some of the damage from Greensburg, Kansas. It was an eye opener and certainly turned me off storm chasing that evening. As the seriousness of the warnings esculated I realised that Greensburg was going to be hit. It was night by now and the tornado violent and reported as very large mile wide wedge. The warnings Storm chasers were tracking an vry large and extremely dangerous tornado - the warning "this is an extremely dangerous and life threatening situation" still rings in my ears. But when it was esculated again as an emergency situation ("This is an emergency") as it appears Greensburg would take a direct hit, the rest is history. I knew there would be fatalities. I guess storm chasers helped immensely sound the seriousness of the alarm. It was officially rated an EF5 - the first rated under the new system and the first F5 since May 3 1999 Oklahoma City tornado.


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