South East Queensland Rain and flooding 30 April to May 2 2015





During the period, much of South East Queensland has endured some very heavy rainfall leading to flooding of local rivers and roads and it is now known that there are three fatalities possibly as a result of the driver of the car driving into flooded low lying areas.

An east coast low is responsible for the deluge that has affected areas south of Maryborough, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. In addition, the Lockyer Valley and Toowoomba have also been affected by heavy rain.

Local rivers are in flood and major flooding is occurring at Boonah (Teviot BK) and Oxley Creek Goodna as examples. There are other areas affected as well.

The worst of the rain and flooding occurred during Friday 1 May where some incredible rainfalls have been recorded such as:-

Brisbane metropolitan area

Kallaorgur Alert - 291 mm.
Lipscombe Road Alert - 273 mm.
Bracken Ridge Alert - 269 mm.
Lawnton Alert - 262 mm.
Brisbane City - 188 mm.

The rainfall plot for Brisbane to 5 am Saturday morning is astounding especially across the north east region.

These are major totals for May but even these are surpassed by what has occurred further north around the Sunshine Coast as follows:-

Caboolture Bruce Highway - 333 mm.
Caboolture Short Street - 327 mm.
Caboolture (Bribie Island Road) - 311 mm.
Elimbah Alert - 306 mm.
Sheep Station Creek Alert - 306 mm.
Rose Creek Road Alert - 303 mm.
Beachmere - 296 mm.
Burpengary - 274 mm.
Judds Road Alert - 268 mm.

These are amongst the highest but there are too many to report. The figures are to 5 am 2 May. I have provided plots for the 30 April, 1 May and 2 May 2015 and when added, it becomes clear a major event has occurred that has caused chaos resulting in a major clean up when flood waters recede.

This comes a week after the New South Wales Sydney and Central Coast / Hunter Valley event that when last checked, insurance claims have topped $200 million. It is likely that this event will create a second major insurance payout when jobs are complete.

Please post any photos of the event to this post.



  • Harley Pearman

    As an addendum, to the above statement, there are rivers that have gone into flood. There is major flooding on at last three rivers and many more in moderate flood. As an example, two rivers have been chosen and river level graphs have been generated for two locations being 1 – Boonah and 2 – Oxley Creek.

    The rain of Friday has caused quite sudden river rises at both locations.

  • Harley Pearman

    To provide some perspective to the event, I have downloaded two images from a satellite operated by NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) showing the cloud cover over south east Queensland causing the event. Taken from RAPID Response Modis (Aust 6 Subset) as the satellite passed over South East Queensland. The second one is high resolution.

    Its clearly shows the storm in perspective.

  • Harley Pearman

    The attached plot for Queensland shows the rainfall for the week ending 3 May 2015. It is clearly shown that south east Queensland is worst affected with an area around Brisbane and north to the Sunshine Coast receiving between 200 and 300 mm. It is known that some falls exceeded 300 mm but probably too small to display on the plot.

    Conditions have now moderated which allows a clean up to commence.