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Historic Sydney Supercells 20th December 2018

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An unprecedented event has hit the Sydney region

Ok finally got to my limited number of pictures - jammed out by traffic unfortunately. The first cell I was able to timelapse then I aimed for the central coast cell - I could have made it in front but the traffic took care of that so I got off and measured the hail in the Berowra area -I measured up to 7cm in diameter. I then proceeded to go south again - the famous Pennant Hills Road did its trick and prevented me from getting anywhere decent - even Parramatta would have been ok. I photographed structures whatever I could and once on the M7 I watched two cells literally merge. Unfortunately the low light caused camera shake but you will get the gist of it!

For those who don't know it already - this to me is the worst case scenario - perfect storm where the environment wiithin the Sydney and surrounds was able to sustain several supercells perhaps 6 or 7 - need to go through radar. It will likely go down as the most expensive hailstorm in living memory if the number of claims have anything to do with it. That is within Australia!

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Severe Storm Structures Lithgow as Mudgee to Merriwa Supercell goes begging 19th December 2018

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I had only a limited period to chase and could have chased the Mudgee supercell for it's entire life cycle but had to get home for kids. I literally pulled the plug as the storm began to organise! Great Les Kembrey got onto it!

The consolation prizes were rotating structures in and near Lithgow region as I ventured home.

By the way, I had forgotten to check my own forecast I do regularly and forgot about today's situation - thank you Karl lijnders for the reminder