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Jarell Tornado 27th May 1997

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Jarell TornadoJarell TornadoimageThe Jarell Texas tornado was one of the most violent tornadic events of all time. Unknown to most, the supercells or rotating storms spawned 20 tornadoes on this particular outbreak which tracked southwest, since the storms backbuilt southwestwards.

May 27, 1997 — The Jarrell, Texas Tornado

The Jarell tornado was allocated an F5 rating. Since the tornado progressed at a slow rate, experts believe the slow movement contributed to the intensity of the tornado. Nothing was left standing in the estate that was impacted by the 3/4 mile wide tornado and unfortunately 27 rsidents were killed and only a few that were directly impacted only suffered injuries and survived. Jarell tornado sounding As can be seen from the sounding, extreme CAPE of nearly 7000J/kg was evident in this day making the instability extremely unstable! The southwest movement of the tornadic supercells made up for the relatively weaker wind shear providing potent conditions nestled along a boundary oriented southwest to northeast. Jarell tornado damage comparison

Huge Wedge Tornado 11th May 2014

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Huge Wedge Tornado 11th May 2014 1

imageThe National Weather Service in Hastings have suggest at least 8 tornadoes were reported in Nebraska on the 11th May 2014. It is reported that the main rain wrapped tornado got to width 3/4 mile wide with an EF-3 rating in the preliminary report. Several vehicles were damaged by this tornado including some storm chasers.