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Severe Storms eastern NSW 28th December 2012

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Severe Storms eastern NSW 28th December 2012 3

Back end of a hailstorm as it passed across Nelson Bay. Bolts ripped through this base!

What can I say! I am stunned about the way things unfolded today. Even when I spoke to David prior to the chase was anticipating to end up at Tea Gardens with some high contrast base images!

High based storms were the order of the day and there were some earlier high based storms to the west of the region. 1228jd016 1228jd028 I did try intercept the earlier storms as they aimed for Bulahdelah (although I was half guessing they would not make the trip). I kept reminding myself that my target was the Nelson Bay region. These high based cells collapsed so I quickly re-positioned in the Tea Gardens area awaiting some other storms that had developed observed from my rear vision mirror.

1228jd067 1228jd069 1228jd080

I had never visited the Tea Gardens region prior to this trip. From the time I set myself with Jimelle and Imelda near the beach, the storm structures went from dull to improving to incredible contrast! The green tinge was obvious to anyone as they all took pictures and videos of the event! The storm seemed to intensify as it neared me passing through Nelson Bay region.

1228jd087  1228jd090I hope the video did the lightning  justice as staccato bolts interrupted the base in a barrage! The hail shaft was dense and so localised. We missed out on the hail but Matt Piper suggested it hailed in his region to the size of at maximum 2cm.1228jd1051228jd101

1228jd109 1228jd137 1228jd136 1228jd135 1228jd134 1228jd125After the storm, I made the mistake of leaving the beach and heading north. The National Park made it difficult to see the bolts and base features. Once I found a half decent opportunity, I took it. The storm still kept going up the coast at this point developing along the flanking line.


See : 128km Radar Loop for Newcastle, 04:00 28/12/2012 to 12:00 28/12/2012 UTC

Here is a good example for the newbies wandering why there was hail with this storm and yet no black on radar. The Nelson Bay region is very close to the radar so the radar does not exhibit the best echos.

Taking a look at Sydney's radar, a different story. Although fairly distant, the storm can be seen in a split with the left mover slowing down and intensifying and the right mover moving off the coast. Was this a boundary interaction? Was it a supercell? What are people's thoughts? The period when the cells would have been splitting.

See : 256km Radar Loop for Sydney (Terrey Hills), 01:00 28/12/2012 to 12:00 28/12/2012 UTC

Storms Narrabri-Moree 22 December 2012

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Storms Narrabri-Moree 22 December 2012

I continued north on this day, despite the weaker shear as I needed to get to my families for chistmas. However, I was still confident with the adequate moisture levels that storms would fire up. A SE was blowing at Narrabri, and a NE at Moree, so I aimed to chase the convergence area. Earlier in the day I went up to Mt Kaputar for earlier stuff and got one of the first cells of the day, which spat out a few nice CG's but nothing spectacular. Stuff fired up later than expected which was quite frustrating, however around 4pm things started to get interesting.

I followed some weak cells north from Narrabri, and after about 1 hour near Bellata they finally got organised. A solid base begun dropping out huge staccatos, one of which started a grass fire (which I unfortunately could not get close enough to photograph)base1

This intensified rapidly into a nice line with a gust front developing.


As I got near Gundy, the storm really took off with a very green base and solid turbulent green gustfront






After a final barrage of CG's, the storm weakened rapidly. As I got to the farm, there was a lovely sunset on display


Rain and Storms eastern NSW 25th December 2012

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Rain and Storms eastern NSW 25th December 2012

Sydney-rainfall.jpg.pagespeed.ce.98PDbEFhp3[1]I thought given we have had one of the longest driest spells in some time, this rainfall event is relatively significant. Here at Schofields, we had of rain followed by 19.8mm on Christmas Day. The first total predominantly was from one of the high based storms on the 24th December and then elevated storms and rain bands dumped some steady soaking rains during the day. Any other totals anybody wish to report?