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NE NSW / SE QLD Severe Storms 27th December 2011

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A few shots from the NSW Northern Rivers storm chase with Rodney and Jason yesterday.

First few at Lawrence. I only saw one bolt though thunder was frequent.

Then we moved to Grafton:

Anti-cyclonic rotation was apparent in the low level clouds and the cell had a small funnel at one stage (updrafts were on southern side of this storm).

Updrafts and anvil mammatus features were impressive today but things became cluttered. Bases and visible lightning were lacking where we were though there was plenty of thunder - must have been mostly updraft and anvil type.


30th November Inland NSW supercells- Footage

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Okay , after a lot of troubles i've finally uploaded some video from the inland NSW supercell event which occured on the 30th November.

The first storm, is the dryline supercell which tracked from Mudgee to east of Sofala. The later storms occured just west of Parkes/ Forbes, producing large hail. The lightning flashes revealed nice structure!!!