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Re: Penrith vs Richmond AWS Obs

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Funnily enough about three weeks ago there was an article in the paper here about the validity of the readings from Penrith AWS. Some local wrote to the paper and suggested that his thermometer was more accurate because the AWS was near water and and was therefore moderated by its influence. He suggested that the AWS was under estimating the daily temps by at least 2 degrees! Apparently the BoM wouldn't comment when contacted by the Penrith Press!

What can you say?...

Re: NSW / SEQ Thunderstorms 27 Feb – 3 Mar 2011

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Awesome storm North West of Sydney this afternoon. Check out the two scans from roughly the same time. You can clearly see a mesocyclone signature in the doppler scan as well as outflow boundary's on the north west flank of the cell and inflow boundary on the north east flank. I think the reflectivity scan speaks for itself with its typical supercell signature.

Wish I was there!