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Recent NSW storms

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That supercell on the 23rd was a bit of a nice surprise close to home. I remember looking through the conditions that morning and noting the potential. In fact I still have the GFS run charts and there was quite a good setup. A few days in central NSW have been good of late.

We may see some storms up here over the next few days though the model forecasts are chopping around. I note there is no precip forecast by either GFS or LAPS for Sunday yet storms are in the forecast.

Storm Chasing Classic supercell chase

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Firstly, great news in terms of the temporary visa being granted to Imelda and Kimberly yesterday. We were very surprised since we got this with little fuss! Thanks to the assistance you and David provided in references.


Next step is permanent residency. The pregnancy is going well with the baby due in mid-May - very exciting indeed. The baby is kicking wildly now! Everything in tests seem normal including the heart rate.

In the other news, I must say finally I was really excited about the storm chase last Monday intercepting the classic supercell with very impressive structure! Pity that structure did not last for long before it went into a slow decline. Nevertheless the Sydney area did not have any storms predicted so really it was a marginal situation. I was watching things unfold from my desktop and also watched twice as the storm tried really developed about an hour earlier. Then it basically sent up an impressive explosive updraft and organised rapidly.