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Man struck by lightning other killed as canoe flipped over December 29 violent storms NSW

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There were some impressive storms across eastern NSW which produced so much lightning in areas where people were enjoying their holidays - someone had to be hit! The man touching a mast was struck but luckily not to be killed. This happened in the Hunter region.

Some impressive storms occurred including hail to 6cm at Comboyne with more incredibly structured storms in the Northern Rivers. We were able to view the aftermath of the hailstorm that went through Cooronbong and there still was hailstones lying there 4 hours later.

Severe storms possible Sydney finally!

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What a season it hasn't been Michael - will it happen in Sydney? There is the potential for something decent to occur so we will see what happens. Then it seems all North Coast from there.

Michael, that storm you intercepted near Casino and the storm near Grafton was simply amazing to watch as they exploded even on radar - classic supercells in isolation. That is what one calls an incredible afteroon's chasing - well done! That certainly looks like a beaver tail in the first photograph.