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Storm November 16 Lightning and Severe Storms

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Hi Jimmy - been a very hectic past 10 days or so with the major thunderstorm events in SE QLD and parts of NSW, but with Brisbane copping the worst a few times.  I think I must have done about 100 hours work with EWN last week LOL  - been enjoyable but quite tiring. It was good to have a break on Sunday and Monday. Went to see Quantum of Solace - the new Bond movie on Monday night. I enjoyed it but it lacked some the usual things you'd expect from a Bond film.

The 16th Nov chase was great - so much lightning on the day too. I don't normally try to get much lightning on video , but this day was a gift - even apart from all the severe weather !

Then the 20th November we had some severe storms locally - with the beautiful shelf cloud structures that developed over a wide area.

South East Queensland Storms

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Hi Michael,

I must say, south east Queensland has gone against the odds for incredible storms and hail production including some incredible shelf cloud structures. I think the amount of moisture that exists throughout inland Queensland has aided in this moisture depth. Have you any other events to post of incredible footage or images from the past few days?