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Australian Supercell Insanity!!

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On September 20 and 21, conditions were perfect across Eastern Australia for supercells, with 2000+ J/kg CAPE values, -8 to -9 LIs, and sufficient wind shear. Australian storm chaser Cameron Hines documented supercells on both days, including one of the largest mesocyclones he's ever seen in 8 years of Australia storm chasing. A sea breeze front propagated westward on this day and met the supercell with enhanced wind shear -- the easterly surface flow resulted in nearly 180 degrees of turning with height! Here is video from September 20 shot by Cameron Hines:

On the following day, a monster HP storm formed near the town of Rathdowney in far Southeast Queensland. Cameron also intercepted this storm, which produced straightline winds of 100 km/hr and golf ball size hail! Given that early spring is the season down there, the storm season is just now taking off!

Surprise storm Grafton

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Weatherwise, I think some active weather will begin to occur second week of the holidays - looking forward to it as we will head out on the first chase opportunity! Your stuff was very nice to see as well as Queensland stuff - well done and great that people enjoyed some action. My forecasts for these days were really good except the Grafton event - overlooked that surprise.


September supercells North Coast – hail cover Kyogle

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Hi Jimmy - well only a few days to go now !

What a great past few days of storms there has been. Pretty nice to get supercell storms in September. Seems as though they have occurred 12th, 19th, 20th and 21st in the NE NSW/ SE QLD region. Some great photos from everyone who have been out and about chasing:

The highlight for me was the hailstorm at Kyogle on Saturady arvo. Not often you get a complete ground cover with stones that large.