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Cold morning with low maximum temperatures

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I can understand the 'frustrations' of organising meeting material and the time taken. I am pretty sure some appreciate them but don't show it - others may be too ignorant to pass on such a simple word "Thanks".

As to weather, today was coooollllldddd. This morning killed my hands which is rare for me. And the day itself was rather cold as well - likely the coldest this season thus far. The two Filipinas are not appreciating the crispness of winter haha but they are enjoying their new home.


Cloud building over QLD as a surface trough moves through

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Lovely mild days continue this 'winter' with low 20s expected again today. The weekend was pretty much perfect for the last days of the NSW school holidays.  We have not used the heater at all this cool season which seems a bit unusual.  Cloud is building up over QLD as a surface trough moves through then an upper trough amplifies over western QLD.  Should be some impressive July rainfall totals by the end of the week. Not expecting too much to extend down here - perhaps 50mm in total.

GFS and EC throw some cold air well north by next weekend - a system to watch as we may see some snow along the NSW central and northern ranges.


Cold and snow extending up to the Northern Tablelands

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Hi Jimmy,

Last week's cold and snow extending up to the Northern Tablelands was the main subject discussed at an ASWA meeting last Saturday in Brisbane. I presented a lot of information and charts about non-alpine snow forecasting and data for this event, and also for the snow event in mid May. It also included my usual week-in-review segment, and edited video footage from the 17-18 May snow chase with Rodney and Jason (pato). I did up a second presentation which showcased my best weather photos from the 2007-08 season set to music. Was a good meeting which I really enjoyed but I don't think those attending have any appreciation of how much work goes into detailed powerpoint displays.  A silly 3 min QLD versus NSW video clip with a talking stuffed toy duck at the end of the meeting appears to be what stuck in most people's minds - check the comments in the Events thread if you dare :;f=8;t=000250;p=2