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US tornado season below average though number of deaths higher

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The US tornado season in my opinion from a storm chaser's perspective is below average but the last several days has highlighted the season. It is unusual to get significant events on more than two successive days but it did happen in this period. The number of tornadoes is also reasonably high for late May as prolific tornado producing outbreaks are less common. From a number of deaths perspective, this season has been a killer and not one they would want to remember from a emergency management and educational perspective. Obviously a lot of effort has been directed into education of the public with regards to tornado safety. Many deaths have occurred in the overnight hours but still quite a few fatalities have occurred during the daytime as well.

 Further, the tornadoes have unfortunately made some direct hits to populated areas and that will always significantly increase the likelihood of casualties. This causes great concern as the population particularly in tornado alley increases over time and the cities expand becoming larger targets.

Locally, yes you are correct, some wierd weather with weak thunderstorms although stronger activity off the coast. Apparently there was a nice lightning show off the coast of Sydney last night and early this morning. I have a picture of this event online 



Unsettled weather continues – offshore storms Sydney coast

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Hi Jimmy,

The unsettled weather continues with some offshore storms this morning along the Sydney coast. GFS suggests a couple of days of storms with a another upper trough over NSW. This one is forecast to be fairly slow moving so storms should be around until Thursday at least. There are hints a surface low may develop along the QLD coast by the weekend with some more moderate rainfalls developing in coastal parts.

The activity in the US has been very impressive this week. Some very big days for sure. However, would you say this season has been below average for major setups so far ?