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Tropical cyclone in the Coral Sea

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Hi Jimmy

Spent most of the Australia Day weekend away from the PC with Sunday spent on the Northern Tablelands with Rodney seeking out the elusive storms. A bit of thunderstorm action up there but a low shear day like that would not noirmally have warranted such a drive - the very poor season continues.  With a tropical cyclone in the Coral Sea the patterns are unlikely to change for here with easterlies to dominate. The trough you get a bit of storm action from can barely make it this far north and the upper troughs just manage to enhance the coastal showers.

9th December 2007 hailstorm – reasonable footage

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You hit the nail on the head with the cooler than average temperure concept. In fact, I personally cannot recall a summer with so many relatively cool maximum temperatures as this summer for such an extended period of time! Yes I know we had a few episodes of heat but it is infrequent. Usually by January the heat really begins to set in for longer periods. Tomorrow seems like another cooler day with localised instability - perhaps storms moving in from the coast inland.

Took a look at some of the latest footage including the 9th December 2007 hailstorm and also the most recent hailstorms I intercepted - some half decent footage. This year is one of those years where top footage is hard to come by.