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Lismore Hailstorm – Tuesday 9th October 2007

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Hi Jimmy, been great to catch up with the news while you've been visiting the region - but I think it's time you switched the storms back on !  Getting tired of the tourist weather despite the week of storms we had.

For those reading this and wishing to track down information about the Lismore Hailstorm on Tuesday 9th October 2007, there is discussion on the forum here:

and a gallery of Lismore hail storm pictures here:

Some stormy weather should return next week. The models are toying with timing of events so we'll see.


Stormy ride to Manila

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The trip from Davao City to Manila was interesting. We headed towards a complex of weak thunderstorms. For about 20 seconds, the plain hit some relatively severe turbulence and began to jack upwards by one of the updrafts! It swayed from side to side and bumped upwards. Obviously the plain tries to stabilise and does a reasonable job. And then a sudden drop. And people yelled haha. Then back to smooth again haha out of the updraft!