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Spectacular lunar eclipse

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The lunar eclipse was quite nice and certainly worthwhile to watch. My tripod was not the best and was one reason why the pictures were not absolutely picture sharp. Also I have no remote or cable release.

Tonight is the 31st August 2007 traditional beginning of spring celebrations with Rune and his mate Alex. We have a couple of hours of storm videos and then from there we hear a couple of sound tracks that give a mood for storms and then we had up to the local lookout to finish the proceedings at midnight - obviously 1st September - beginning of spring. Looking forward to it but I am a little sick so I am not sure how long I will stay.


Weak thunderstorms along the coast yesterday

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Hi Jimmy,

Had some weak thunderstorms along the coast yesterday and some isolated showers about. First time in months there have been offshore CBs. We had a MASSIVE 1mm of rain Monday night, and for whatever reason our rainwater tank water now stinks. Will have to add a little chlorine to fix that. Just another hassle of virtually no rain for 6-7 weeks is that the water from the down pipes into the tanks becomes stagnant.