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More mild days – 26C forecast Wednesday Thursday

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Hi Jimmy,  more mild days coming up. Expecting 26 here Wed and Thurs. The Rural Fire Service is introducing the bushfire danger period here from tomorrow - which is 1 month earlier than normal. The big dry continues - I measured just 1mm for July - wow !   Katrina goes on the year 10 excursion to the snow on Sunday . Will be no problems them all seeing quality snow.

Warming conditions lift snow levels

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Yes the snow depth has certainly built up possibly to a maximum given the current pattern. The issue though is that the warm weather may begin to impact on this snow particularly in the lower elevations. Michael Scollay suggests in his predictions that the snow will disappear quickly this year because of early heating! It depends on how August unfolds - wet or dry? And yes it is quite mild here - I am wearing a short T-shirt in July!