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Cooler change provides relief from heat

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I seem to have recovered from the long drives and heat of the last few days. The cooler change moved through yesterday and last night it was uncomfortably cool - such a contrast. But it made it easier to sleep. A few stratocumulus clouds this morning - well it seems now we have to await next week for more probable action storm wise.


Excellent storm chase 27th November 5cm hailstones!

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Been out of action for the past couple of days but had an excellent storm chase on the 27th November. You can get a better description here

Today it seems like a hot start and then cooling down later I hope. I am on top of the world with that 5cm hail embedded in my brain!


Third night of storms and lightning chasing

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Very tired this morning after the third night of storm and lightning chasing. Didn't get home till 12.50am after Rodney and I were treated to an amazing display of lightning in the Clarence Valley. We had a beautiful spot beside the Clarence River at Lawrence - awesome !

This follows the amazing show on Sunday night and also Monday night !

Could be some more this afternoon and evening, though its going to be quite hot today - Lismore expected to hit 38. Profile suggests further south will be  better for storms.

Spoke to Jimmy a couple of times yesterday as he was chasing the southern Mid North Coast.