Bushfires Western Sydney Winamalee 10th September 2013


After one of the driest and warmest starts to spring on record, a number of bushfires sparked up in Western Sydney causing traffic chaos and burning at least 2 homes.

Warm and gusty north-westerly to westerly winds produced ideal conditions coupled with low humidity to create environments for rapid spread of fires. Fire fighters worked quickly to put out the blazes but it seemed some of the fires crossed containment lines quicker than they could set up.

Tonight, firefighters are frantically working on back burn operations to prevent further spread of fires over the coming days.


The bushfires weren't the only concerns today. Strong winds brought down trees and branches in some suburbs and areas of raised dust reduced visibility.

Longer term predictions has at the least a dry and very warm start to spring and this has raised extreme concerns for bad bushfire conditions. Widespread rains are desperately needed to ease conditions before the summer heat sets in.