Today we (Fredrick Muscat and I) started out early from North Platte and had to track all the way to Gillette - (skipping breakfast and having lunch). After lunch there was a some procrastinating about going into Montana versus chasing the local activity. We opted for local and were rewarded with two nice cells. The first began to weaken as the other further south strengthened. The base structure was quite neat. Then suddenly, a landspout is observed from around the rain. These images show the structrue and also the landspout zoomed thanks to Fredrick Muscat and my image with structure. The storm was impressive but lined out - the back end base and associated updraft may have produced an LP.

We then attempted to head for the Rapid City cell but it collapsed- we are spending the night there.

If someone would like to report this to the NWS as a landspout feel free to do so. Might have to check the geocodes of the camera to see time and location

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