Widspread Severe Storms South Australia – 5th November 2012

See : 256km Radar Loop for Adelaide (Buckland Park), 10:00 04/11/2012 to 10:00 05/11/2012 UTC

As per usual, when conditions are ripe and a little moisture creeps through to South Australia, the ample heating there provides a severe storm outbreak. A bow echo segment briefly occurs in the radar loop. Strong winds were reported across the region as well as some heavy rain and hail based on the warnings.



  • Harley Pearman

    Please find attached the GPATS lightning tracker plot. Apparently there were over 127,000 lightning strikes across a vast area of the state. Interestingly by the time the storms reached western Victoria and New South Wales, lightning activity petered out. As I write this, only a small active area exists around Ivanhoe NSW. The cloud mass is breaking apart but forecasts suggest new storms to form later on this time New South Wales.

  • It’s worth looking at the Woomera radar too – some of those cells are moving at 100km/h

    See : 128km Radar Loop for Woomera, 03:00 05/11/2012 to 14:00 05/11/2012 UTC

  • Here’s the Woomera sounding from yesterday – they put up an extra one at 07z which was a welcome suprise.