Videos - Anthony Watts at COP25: Climate Change and Data Manipulation

The Heartland Institute has organized and hosted 13 International Conferences on Climate Change (ICCC) since 2008, the latest in Washington, DC on July 25, 2019.


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3 thought on “Videos – Anthony Watts at COP25: Climate Change and Data Manipulation”
  1. Good call Jimmy Deguara I find the Heartland presentations a breath of non alarmist air and force people to think about the other side of the coin. I am sure a few will squeal “Deniers” and sling the usual insults and call into question the credentials of the presenters.

  2. Heartland Institute – supports tobacco industry, supports open health care ( you are on your own) believes that business will deliver proper environmental outcomes (not talking climate here). With no regulations unfortunately big business will NOT look at environmental consequences – OK Tedi mine in New Guinea, the dam collapses in Brazil, just to name 2.

  3. They may well be however I am looking at what they are saying in terms of their analysis of the climate and the messaging. I do listen to both sides however the “alarmist” side is just not realistic from where I sit. They can support tobacco, I figured out that stuff was bad and stopped. Unfortunately regardless of what we do, if people want nice cars and new phones and PC’s and all the other things they require to maintain their standard of living, then the environment is going to have to take one for the team.
    It comes down to the government of the countries the businesses are operating in to ensure they protect their future and that of their people, In Papua and other developing nations that won’t happen for the most part due to corrupt government officials. So I will worry about what happens here.

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