Although it is a shame that nothing can be verified, i can believe it or not understand that the record is questioned. However, were the newspaper reports included? One thing that stood out that goes against the reading was that at 9pm it still was above one hundred (Fahrenheit) . On a day of 50 plus, i would expect 9pm to still be in the high 40s unless a storm hit. Were there storms to the northwest that made other areas cooler

Blair Trewin I know is a genuine guy doing his job. Quality control of data was required according to the WMO I guess.

The reasons though for the quality control being in the modern era is questionable - why it took so long snd now it is extremely important!

Furthermore, why were records thrown out! Never should records ever be thrown out by a scientific organisation as it can be used in future papers or studies.

Anyway, it’s pointless as you cannot ascertain anything from this without hard evidence.

In terms of chickens dying, the egg farm owners where i lived for most of my life across the road used to wet the shed with sprinklers at 38C. For 1000 to be dead (nice round figures) that perhaps requires prolonged 38C or above. Also it depended how close the chicken were to each other.

Any other comments?


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  1. This is good stuff! As you might know, I have been studying the record maximum of 134F at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, set in 1913. I believe that it is bogus, due to observer error (probably intentionally inflated). I would be interested in knowing how long this Bourke station was in operation, what its 2nd all-time highest temperature is, and what sort of instrumentation was used and how was the thermometer sited. Is there a picture of the weather station?

  2. I disagree Craig is calling out the liars and cheats Michael and the “Alarmist” carry on. He has never said the climate is not changing, What he does say is listen to the other side of the science, the realist side not the “World is burning, sky is falling” fear mongering the media and alarmist’s like Flannery and Turnbiull’s are rabbiting on about.
    Your right Jimmy Deguara any data captured by Government agencies doing day to day business for Australia is required under legislation to be kept IAW the National Archives Act 1983 it is a criminal offence not too. The BOM keep it but they refuse to release it without an FOI request and they stick ridiculously high charges on fulfilling that request to keep the average person from getting to it. This is the sort of thing the media and every Australian should be getting really pissed about.

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