Tropical Cyclone Category 5 Tonga January 11th 2014 5

tropical_cyclone_Ian_Tongatropical_cyclone_ian_animated_satelliteSevere Tropical Cyclone Ian reaching the top intensity Category 5 is affecting Tonga over the South Pacific. The satellite image clearly shows the eye. Destructive winds of up to 290km/h, heavy rain and flooding should be affected the region as the slow moving tropical cyclone passes over.swellnet.gfs_.dsfcwinds.72.480x320_1_9Tropical_Cyclone_Ian_Tonga_world_map

2 thought on “Tropical Cyclone Category 5 Tonga January 11th 2014”
  1. As we anticipated, lots of damage reports over Tonga with Tropical Cyclone Ian! Let's hope that the death toll is not substantial.

  2. Widespread destruction and now it seems there are quite a few islands that may have been devastated by a storm surge due to their low lying nature.

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