Tropical Cyclone Grant

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure i'm not the only one who has noticed, and I don't look at other forums, but it is a little eerie how a tropical low is potentially going to develop into a cyclone and affect Darwin on Christmas day. If you consider 1974 was the year of the major Brisbane floods at the start and cyclone Tracy at the end there is a striking parallel with 2011 having major Brisbane floods at the start of the year and now a potential cyclone for Darwin right on christmas. Who would've imagined this script would possibly repeat itself in 2011?


2 thoughts on “Tropical Cyclone Grant

  1. Jimmy Deguara

    Yes an interestingly starking similarity but as we know in science, it did not eventuate into a major tropical cyclone just to make things more interesting and keep us thinking.


    Jimmy Deguara

  2. Jimmy Deguara

    The latest on ex-Tropical Cyclone Grant is that it is moving east towards the Gulf of Carpentaria. As it is does it will encounter ideal conditions (warm sea surface temperatures) to reform into a tropical cyclone. Question is when it does where will it ventue? I suspect further east into the Coral Sea – time will tell.


    Jimmy Deguara

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