I really suggest watching the whole video with an open mind even if you feel you don’t agree with all aspects - surely some of explanations and its presentations and arguments about the historical aspects are important to consider as are the impacts on the developing world.This is not open for debate - it’s really for thought provoking. I couldn’t cate less about political components and i have no agendas except science not being corrupted.

If anything i don’t like the heading because it can upset anyone with an open mind and totally hypnotised by climate change hysteria

The Great Global Warming Swindle - FULL Documentary - Debunking Climate Change Hysteria

The Great Global Warming Swindle caused controversy in the UK when it premiered March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4. A documentary, by British television prod...


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  1. I agree with you on the title Jimmy Deguara but it is Channel 4 after all and they are renown for their left leaning beliefs. So that may have been deliberate.

  2. I always dig a little into the background of the people producing this and this generally gives you a good ideaof their politicaly agenda/belief.. Martin Durkin — “In 1997, Channel 4 broadcast Durkin’s documentary series Against Nature, which criticized the environmental movement for being a threat to personal freedom and for crippling economic development ” In 1998 he produced “Storm in a D-Cup”, which argued – before some national health authorities- that the medical dangers of silicone breast implants had been exaggerated for political reasons and highlighting evidence that implants may even carry medical benefits. He has also made a film in favour of GM, which i am not totally opposed to, but unfortunately it is not well controlled with MonSanto GM round up Ready crops

  3. I follow the money. That’s literally all I need to know and how it impacts my decisions in life. When one underestimates the power of money they neglect critical thinking

    I amend my thoughts with a vested interest in wanting to see humanity work towards reducing our impact on the environment. I myself am working to decrease my usage of single use plastics. I also had solar installed on my house. The only thing is I am not being mandated by goverment overreach to do this. I’m making the changes on my own free will. Instead of trying to scare people into legislating let’s encourage by nurturing a culture of decreasing waste and learning to reuse. That’s something all sides can work together on

  4. Michael, he interviewed so many of the scientists who worked on IPCC report AR 5 which is what every government is using to drive climate policy, they are calling out issues with the science. Yea it might be hotter, when you get older you feel it more as well. You more than anyone knows climate is cyclic as is the weather. . Nobody is saying climate change is not real.
    We are saying their needs to be more work before we start shutting down industry and shutting down coal fired base load power and replacing it with windmills and renewable sources that are unreliable and have no chance in sustaining the load of an expanding population.

  5. To be fair i was quite aware of political push so i simply listen to what the scientists have said in the video.

  6. Robert please don’t make a joke of this. There is not a chance in hell that 97% of scientists “willingly agree” to the current concensus – it is sad that quite a few are under pressure to remain silent because they fear demotion or even their jobs or for when applying for jobs not getting the specific job. Others in business cannot be seen to support anything except the norm.

    Why is there NOT one of the climate believers that are addressing this issue of scientific bullying?

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